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Steps for Chapter Leaders & Brigade Volunteers

1. Introduction to Global Brigades

Take a look at our Volunteer Information Packet for information on all programs in all four countries!

Visit our main website at www.globalbrigades.org to learn more about the organization and the work we do. After reading about the work of each program, select which of the nine brigade programs interests you most. To start a chapter of that program on your campus, contact the appropriate Chapter Advisor to get started. Your Chapter Advisor will serve as your main contact as you start your chapter and preparing for your brigade.

2. Official Chapter Recognition

After establishing contact with your Chapter Advisor, work with your university's office of student development to register your Global Brigades chapter on campus. Visit the Chapter Creation page for information and resources to assist in this process. Also at this time, reach out to any existing Global Brigades chapters on your campus to ensure open communication and collaboration between your chapters.

3. Form Leadership Team

Invite dedicated friends and peers to apply for a position on your chapter's leadership team. This team will help you plan the brigade, recruit volunteers, fundraise, and prepare for your brigade project. Refer to the Leadership Team section for more information.

4. Secure Brigade Week

Global Brigades works with university chapters to make brigades happen at any time of year. Work with your Chapter Advisor to secure a brigade a week that will be posted on the Global Brigades Calendar, which can be found on each program page. For example: Medical Brigades Calendar.

Steps 5-10 should include the participation of all brigade volunteers.

5. Mobilize Volunteers

Now that you have learned about the program and have set the dates for your first brigade, spread the word about your chapter on campus and recruit volunteers to join! You will need to recruit at least 20 volunteers for Medical Brigades and at least 15 for all other brigade programs. Work with your team to recruit more volunteers by posting flyers across campus, hosting info sessions, speaking in classes, etc. For more on mobilizing volunteers, visit the Recruit section.

6. Empowered.org Sign-Up & Contribution Deadlines

When you sign up for your chapter's brigade, you will need to join the Volunteer Activity for the brigade on Empowered.org. As soon as you sign up on Empowered and join the Activity for your brigade, you can post your initial contribution ($250 / £150 / 200€) and begin fundraising for the rest of your program contributions and airfare by following the payment deadlines established by the chapter president and Chapter Advisor. Review Program Contributions, Contributions Schedule and Cancellation and Refund Policy.

When signing up for the Volunteer Activity on Empowered, all volunteers must agree to the GB Participant Waiver and Ethics policy. All brigade volunteers should familiarize themselves with the contents of this document before committing to a brigade.

7. Fundraise

Connect with friends and family, and work with your entire brigade team to fundraise. Your Chapter Advisor and the Fundraising section can provide you with best practices for fundraising techniques, contribution deadlines, and other important information about fundraising for your brigade.

8. Travel Prep

You must verify that you are eligible to travel on the brigade by ensuring that your passport is valid for at least 6 months after their brigade begins and by fulfilling any visa requirements for your destination country. You should also review the safety information for your destination country and visit a doctor to receive any desired vaccinations or medications before traveling. Further information about travel preparation can be found in the Travel section.

9. Book Travel

Once you have recruited volunteers for your brigade, your Chapter Leader will work with your Chapter Advisor to book plane tickets. You should become familiar with the information in the Travel Policy section to better understand the travel booking process.

10. Brigade Preparation

Each brigade program requires a different level of preparation. Be sure to check out your program's Brigade Planning section as you begin organizing for your brigade to ensure that your brigade is a success.

Advising Team

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Advisor Manager
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Midwest Region: Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky
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New England Region: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware
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Southwest Region: Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas
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Canada and Upstate New York Region: Canada and Upstate New York
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SoCal I, NorCal, and Australia Regions: California and Australia
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Midwest Region: Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Wisconsin
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Non-Profit Consultant
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Non-Profit Consultant